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The Obalon balloon assists with weight loss by helping you feel full sooner and eat less. This, along with diet and exercise, jump-starts your efforts, proving that when it comes to losing weight, less is truly more.

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Changing how you see yourself. Changing how you see the world.

With the Obalon balloon, you now have a non-surgical, reversible, weight loss option. It starts when you swallow a capsule containing a balloon attached to a thin tube. The balloon is inflated and the tube is quickly removed. It generally takes less than 15 minutes and no anesthesia is required. You’re now ready to begin working on your goals.

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The Obalon balloon is specifically designed for people who need help jump-starting their weight loss program.

Because feeling full faster helps you eat less.

The Obalon balloon is lightweight and occupies space at the top of your stomach. Because you feel full faster, you eat less. Your doctor can add up to 2 more balloons to continue to facilitate weight loss. So it’s individualized for you. A short endoscopic procedure is used for removal.

The results: Shrinking waistlines, expanding horizons.

The Obalon balloon treatment period is 12 weeks. During that time, the majority of patients in clinical trials reported meaningful weight loss. And, we’d guess, more smiles when they looked in the mirror.

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The Obalon balloon gives you a non-surgical, fully reversible, weight loss option.

  • Size, shape, and material of the balloon engineered for the stomach environment.
  • Up to 3 balloons can be added over the 12-week treatment period to continue to facilitate weight loss.
  • Lightweight balloon allows the balloon to reside in the top of the stomach, so you feel full faster and eat less.
  • Removal requires a brief outpatient endoscopic procedure in your doctor’s office.
  • Treatment doesn’t require permanent surgical changes.
  • Thin inflation catheter facilitates swallowing and rapid tube removal, leaving the inflated balloon behind, ready to work.
  • Balloon placement can be done quickly and discretely in your doctor’s office.
  • Easily swallowable capsule contains the deflated balloon and allows for administration without the need for sedation.

Technology that will change how you think about weight loss.

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