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* Estimate based on Body Mass Index Calculation (BMI). Obalon is recommend for adults with a BMI of 27 or above.

How it Works.

The Obalon balloon includes a small capsule attached to a slender tube. You simply swallow the capsule, and follow it with a glass of water. No sedation is required. Gas is used to inflate the balloon, and the tube is removed. Once in place, the balloon resides at the top of the stomach so you’ll feel full sooner. Up to 3 balloons can be placed to continue to facilitate weight loss over the 12-week treatment. At the end of this period, the balloons are removed in a short endoscopic procedure.

Even more about the Obalon balloon.

With the global introduction of the Obalon balloon, doctors now have a way to treat patients who’ve continually failed at diets, but need extra help jump-starting their weight loss program. This explains why many of the world’s most respected physicians are now giving you access to this breakthrough weight loss treatment.

The Obalon balloon is approved in the European Union and Mexico and is available in the following countries:

• Austria
• Belgium
• Germany
• Italy
• Luxembourg
• Netherlands
• Spain 
• United Kingdom 
• Mexico

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